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MSI specializes in "total system solutions" for management companies and hotel chains by providing central reservation and property system integration.
As the first new central reservation system (CRS) to come to market since 1999, GenaRes' GenaRater(SM) Web-based CRS and related services are provided on an ASP basis and are designed for properties ranging from small independents to large chain hotels worldwide.
PegsTour offers real-time electronic delivery of hotel reservations, including modifications and cancellations, to a hotel's central reservation system and property management system.
Motorway teams worked through the night to replace 300 metres of barrier along the central reservation of the M62 between Rishworth Moor and Milnrow.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: "Crews were called to reports of a car that had been in collision with the central reservation and had overturned.
There was damage to the central reservation and severe damage to the front of the car.
Travelling north towards Birmingham, the lorry smashed through the central reservation colliding with a car on the southbound carriageway before coming to a standstill.
A police spokesman said: "A police motorcyclist had to take evasive action to avoid colliding with a light coloured medium sized car that crossed the central reservation from the westbound carriageway, turning right into the eastbound carriageway.
It is more accurately the following services: _ The cleaning of side band emergency shutoff and central reservation rivulets _ cleaning along edges safety side band emergency stop central reservation side _ Cleaning underpasses border security (weep) _ cleaning coating passing police central reservation.
Summary: Two footballers have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving after the car they were in crashed into a central reservation on the M1.
One element is to put a central reservation along the major length of Sheil Road.
A DENTIST smashed through nearly 70 posts on a central reservation after downing wine in her car.

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