Centralized Traffic Control

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centralized traffic control

[′sen·trə‚līzd ′traf·ik kən′trōl]
(civil engineering)
Control of train movements by signal indications given by a train director at a central control point. Abbreviated CTC.

Centralized Traffic Control


on railroads, a complex of devices used to monitor and control railroad switch layouts and signals from a central point. The most widely used systems are electrical, controlled by electric relay circuits and electric drives. Such systems may be classified by the methods used to switch tracks, monitor the system’s operation, and supply electric power. Systems with local control and power supply are used chiefly at small railroad stations with up to 12 switches; systems with central control and power supply are used at medium and large-size railroad stations. Centralized traffic control equipment used in conjunction with computers has been developed for use in automated railroad control systems.

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The project covers a centralised traffic control system, electronic interlockings, ETCS Level 1 and two automatic train protection systems, trackside signalling equipment, and interfaces between high-speed lines, conventional lines and level crossings.
Rs 2300 million has been allocated for special repair of 150 DE locomotives to improve availability and reliability and Rs 2,750 million for improvement of signalling system of Lodhran-Khanpur-Kotri section and provision of centralised traffic control (CTC) on Shahdra-Lodhran section.
Works mainly comprise new embankments, bridges and tracks, better route geometry, as well as electrification and a centralised traffic control system.
Saab is the main contractor for the delivery of centralised traffic control, an automated safety system.
The new NTCC will replace the existing Centralised Traffic Control
The New Ntcc Will Replace The Existing Centralised Traffic Control Centre (Ctc), Currently Located At Connolly Station, Dublin.
Sevices of technical assistance and repair of installations of Centralised Traffic Control
Contract Awarded for Signalling facilities, train protection systems, fixed telecommunications and centralised traffic control, including work on the 7.
Signalling and centralised traffic control will be modernised and Ottawa station will be repaired with increased platform heights to improve access for passengers.
The train comprises of equipment including automatic train control (ATC) system, centralised traffic control (CTC), interlocking device (IXL), trunked radio system (TRS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
Tenders are invited for Consultancy Services for new Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) Centre
passenger train speed up to 160 km/h, freight trains up to 120 km/h and the minimum siding length to 750 m; modernisation of signalling and telecommunication systems in order to enable installation of ETCS and centralised traffic control equipment and to facilitate the integration of the Croatian railway network with international and EU standards.