Centralized Traffic Control

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centralized traffic control

[′sen·trə‚līzd ′traf·ik kən′trōl]
(civil engineering)
Control of train movements by signal indications given by a train director at a central control point. Abbreviated CTC.

Centralized Traffic Control


on railroads, a complex of devices used to monitor and control railroad switch layouts and signals from a central point. The most widely used systems are electrical, controlled by electric relay circuits and electric drives. Such systems may be classified by the methods used to switch tracks, monitor the system’s operation, and supply electric power. Systems with local control and power supply are used chiefly at small railroad stations with up to 12 switches; systems with central control and power supply are used at medium and large-size railroad stations. Centralized traffic control equipment used in conjunction with computers has been developed for use in automated railroad control systems.

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It provides for remote operation of signals from the centralized traffic control office.
Railways installed centralized traffic control and auto block systems in 1970 and 1993 on main line from Karachi to Kotri but most of the existing systems are very old and obsolete, an official of Pakistan Railways said.
After further research, it was found that the entire railroad corridor through the Placentia area has a modern, centralized traffic control (CTC) system.
This years projects also reflect various other double track work and additional Centralized Traffic Control signaling that will add capacity and improve efficiency in constrained parts of the network.
NYSE:CNI) Canadian National Railway Company announced today it will install Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) on two segments of CN mainline track in Ontario over which passenger trains travel.
Contract notice: Service maintenance and installation of centralized traffic control system.
Contract notice: Overall management of the centralized traffic control system of the city of valladolid.
Conservation and comprehensive service maintenance, operation of automatic control and centralized traffic control and new facilities in the municipality of Fuenlabrada.
The siding at Messex will also be converted to Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) to help manage rail traffic.
Facilities maintenance signaling, fixed telecommunications, centralized traffic control, safety and security and train protection systems for the stretch Ourense - Santiago de Compostela, North-Northwest High Speed Corridor.
BNSF s 2015 capital projects in Wisconsin include constructing four miles of double track through La Crosse and the installation of Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) in several locations along the Aurora subdivision.
Contract notice: Service integrated conservation and maintenance, operation of the automatic system and centralized traffic control, and new facilities in the town of fuenlabrada.

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