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Greece: see KéaKéa
or Keos
, Lat. Ceos, island (1991 pop. 1,787), c.61 sq mi (160 sq km), SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea; one of the Cyclades. Fruits, barley, and silk are produced. Kéa, the main town, is situated on the site of ancient Iulis.
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Boards and CEOs who are able to invest the time and energy necessary to create it, however, are going to be rewarded with the positive results that come from adding to the management team a high-caliber player.
If you accept the assumptions that CEO communication with employees and employees' trust in the CEO don't matter, then your mission probably is "impossible.
Why would this matter, since the majority of today's CEOs are not physicians?
Since most CEOs are not experts in the complexities of the tax law, they will of necessity turn to others (specifically, corporate tax officials or outside tax advisers) to compile the necessary background documents and review the thousands of pages and multiple volumes that constitute a complex, multinational corporate consolidated income tax return.
But it is the pace and inherent uncertainty surrounding most of the decisions that CEOs must make, the burden of accountability associated with those decisions and the need to win over multiple constituencies to support decisions that make the top job so different.
These Super CEOs relish their ability to smack a company out of its doldrums, to drive failing ventures into black ink.
When No Limit Enterprises debuted on the 2000 BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 list, reporting revenues of $110 million, Miller dethroned Karl Kani as the youngest BE 100s CEO.
Thus, "appropriate and consistent behavior" is the second fundamental way CEOs can provide the substance of effective leadership.
The first, covering 1993 pay and layoffs, found that average compensation for 23 layoff-leading CEOs rose 30 percent to $1.
It is reassuring to note, however, that over the longer term, CEOs are more sanguine.
Critical business applications that have traditionally been inside the network are now becoming interconnected and organizations of all sizes have a great need to 'externalize' their data and business processes in a secure way so they can operate on a global scale by leveraging the economies of scale the Internet offers," said Philippe Courtot, CEO and chairman of Qualys.
Shareholders and management alike are justifiably incensed when high-profile CEOs spend too much time traveling, appearing on television, giving speeches or doing anything that does not pertain directly to the business at hand.