a city in southwestern Rumania, in Constan(a District; a port on the Danube. Population, 13,000 (1975). Cement, hardware, and wine are produced in the city. The Danube-Black Sea Canal begins near Cernavodă.

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In May 2014, the National Agency for Radioactive Waste (ANDR) announced plans to construct a new nuclear waste repository in Saligny, near the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, by 2020 with an expected initial investment of RON177.
In reply, the Romanians have done earthworks on the Cernavoda bridge (Platon, 2003: 270).
14] dating with accelerator mass spectrometry with special results for the absolute chronology of Baden culture, in Studia Danubiana Series Symposia II: Cernavoda III-Boleraz: 541-62.
The accords on nuclear cooperation are expected to give China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) a role in Romania's plans to build two new reactors at its sole nuclear plant, at Cernavoda.
At present only Reactors #1 and #2 of the nuclear power plant in Cernavoda, southeastern Romania, are operational.
The new structure adds to existing bridges at Cernavoda, between Ruse and Giurgiu, and between Vadu Oii and Harsova.
The money is to be used to co-finance the construction and operation of the 138 MW Cernavoda I & II wind farms.
Meanwhile, the two reactors of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania frequently experience problems.
Romania has a nuclear power plant at Cernavoda, with one nuclear reactor in operation since 1996 and a second one commissioned in the fall of 2007.
It would be cheaper and more flexible for Bulgaria to participate in Romania's expansion of Cernavoda NPP or in Turkey's nuclear expansion in exchange for a fixed buyback price of electricity.