a city in southwestern Rumania, in Constan(a District; a port on the Danube. Population, 13,000 (1975). Cement, hardware, and wine are produced in the city. The Danube-Black Sea Canal begins near Cernavodă.

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In September 2014 it emerged that China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) was the only bidder for a tender to build two nuclear reactors at the nuclear power facility in Cernavoda.
At present, the burnt uranium is temporarily stored on the platform of the Cernavoda nuclear plant.
For the other smaller towns, such as Harkova, Cernavoda, Macin, even if they have old buildings, the level of preservation is very low.
The accords on nuclear cooperation are expected to give China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) a role in Romania's plans to build two new reactors at its sole nuclear plant, at Cernavoda.
At present only Reactors #1 and #2 of the nuclear power plant in Cernavoda, southeastern Romania, are operational.
The next privatization deals are for Nuclearelectrica, the company which operates a nuclear power plant in Cernavoda, in May, followed in September by stakes in the gas producer Romgaz, the Oltenia energy plant and possibly in the electricity company Hidroelectrica.
The money is to be used to co-finance the construction and operation of the 138 MW Cernavoda I & II wind farms.
Member states heavily reliant on a single NPP for electricity, such as Hungary with its Paks plant or Romania with Cernavoda, can rest assured that no automatic closure will follow.
Meanwhile, the two reactors of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania frequently experience problems.
For new Blocks 3 and 4 at the Cernavoda NPP, which produces some 20% of Romania's electricity, the Commission, however, recommended taking seismic activity more seriously.
15% stake in a project company for the construction of a second pair of reactors at Romania's sole nuclear power plant Cernavoda, news provider SeeNews reported today.