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, ancient city of Etruria, c.30 mi (50 km) N of Rome, Italy, at the site of the modern Cerveteri. Although a few miles from the sea, it had ports at Alsium (near modern Palo) and Pyrgi (modern Santa Severa). During the 7th and 6th cent. B.C.
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Contract notice: Procurement of school transportation services and accompaniment of the city of cerveteri for the period 1.
Bonfante (2009: 109) argues that many of the so-called 'princely' burials from the eighth century BC at Tarquinia and Cerveteri may have belonged to women.
While they recall Etruscan terracotta funerary sculpture, such as the sarcophagi of Cerveteri, they become expressions of renewed vitality.
Negro played alongside Di Canio at Lazio, but since retiring in 2007 has moved into management with Italian lower-league sides Cerveteri and now Zagarolo.
Rome - Drake plays golf with NASCAR driver Brian Vickers alongside an ancient aqueduct, learns the art of making pasta, takes a horseback ride through the 2,600-year-old Cerveteri necropolis, enjoys a homemade rooftop dinner with his wife in the center of Rome, travels north to Bologna and cruises the city on a Ducati, steps into the arena at gladiator school, rides a classic 1966 Lambretta scooter through Rome and tries his hand at pizza making.
43) The round and partially subterranean tumuli of the necropolis at Cerveteri and those at other sites in Italy furnish an Etruscan source for the Roman custom.
As I walked around the Etruscan burial mounds at Cerveteri, I
Di Montefiascone, Trebbiano di Aprilia, Merlot di Aprilia, Sangiovese di Aprilia, Marino, Colli Albani, Cori, Colli Lanuvini Velletri (Bianco e Rosso), Lazio Aleatico di Gradoli, Zagarolo, Cesanese di Olevano, Cesanese di Affile, Montecompatri-Colonna, Cesanese del Piglio, Bianco Capena, Cerveteri Ischia (Bianco, Rosso, Superiore), Greco di Tufo, Taurasi, Capri, Fiano di Avellino, Ravello rosato, Campania Lacrima Christi S.
There are the locations to secure, such as the Museo Mario Praz and Cerveteri Castle.
The bail money was posted by Carol Focarelli, a businessman from Via Toscanini, Cerveteri, in Italy, who was described as a "close personal friend'' of Marotta.
In particular, a beautiful red-figured cup found at Cerveteri (Caere) in 1833 and dated from the beginning of the fifth century B.