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NIST broadcasts its cesium clock signal over the radio for use by consumers, businesses and scientists.
Several times a day, he sends a file to the bureau with the time he thinks it is, based on the cesium clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo.
Rich Arras, Boeing North American Space Systems Division vice president and programs director for GPS Programs, said the digital cesium clocks will provide improved performance and give the U.
The clock, which has improved by at least a factor of 20 since its inception, is so accurate that of the roughly 100 clocks used by international time laboratories to determine world time, 74 are cesium clocks made by Agilent.
Did you know that the timepiece he uses -- a cesium clock -- is so accurate that it only loses or gains one second every 162,000 years?
GPS rooftop antenna systems or Cesium clocks are not affordable in the telephone company's smaller switching centers and transport nodes.
Drawing on its decades of experience building the world's most reliable quartz oscillator and most accurate, commercially available cesium clocks, HP engineers work closely with the research and development teams of equipment manufacturers to meet their specific module requirements for space, power and configurations at a low cost.
The NIST optical clock, for example, is more than one hundred times more accurate than the cesium clock that serves as the United States' primary time standard.