Cevdet Sunay

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Sunay, Cevdet


Born Feb. 10, 1900, in Trabzon. Turkish military and state figure; army general (1959).

Sunay graduated from a military high school in 1917 and a military academy in 1930. He fought in the war of national liberation of 1919–22. Between 1950 and 1960 he served on the General Staff as deputy chief of operations, chief of operations, and deputy chief of staff. After the coup d’etat of May 27, 1960, he became commander of land forces and later chief of the General Staff. From March 1966 to early April 1973 he was president of the Republic of Turkey.

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Contract Awarded for Patnos~ta (Pain) 3 Gendarmerie Commando Regiment Command Cevdet Sunay Barracks Housing, Social Facilities, Entrance Building, Heat Center, Playground Area and Barracks Roads with Landscaping Construction Of.
President Cevdet Sunay appointed Nihat Erim to form a government after the 1971 intervention.