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It was emphasized that the CHM started out as a platform for sharing information, and developed into a web of information sources through which biodiversity information is exchanged, and is now intended to support national planning and reporting, specifically National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan and National Reports.
CHM in 2000 had launched a plan to merge the two refineries' retail networks to a single firm.
Adjusted prevalence and prevalence ratios were obtained for CHM scores of 0-2, and for each of the seven individual metrics that contribute to the CHM score, an adjusted prevalence was calculated for not ideal scores.
El promedio de la distancia entre el cemento sellador y la dentina para la CHM fue de 2,103 mm (DE = 0,98) a 1 mm y de 1,832 mm (DE = 0,73) a 4 mm del foramen apical.
Results: The results of DNA analysis by VNTR genotyping showed that in 16 cases of CHM, amplification of the VNTR polymorphic loci showed androgenetic mono-spermic moles (homozygote) and in 5 cases of CHM androgenetic dispermic moles (heterozygote) in molar tissue.
The injected viruses then infect the eye cells, which uses the new CHM gene to treat the genetic disorder.
The samples for the CHM and the cross-linked PDMS membrane without the SR-FVI were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
NGS analysis of the sample set yielded 16 920 412 reads from CHM tissue, 17 462 519 reads from the patient's blood cells, and 30 447 835 reads from normal villous tissue.
CHM is useful in relieving endometriosis-related pain with fewer side effects than experienced with conventional treatment (Flower et al.
Usman Akram, CHM Expert, WWF - Pakistan gave brief overview of major activities of CHM project.
Para a escolha da faixa de suficiencia de P para a cultura do algodoeiro, foram agrupados valores de CHM maiores que 700kg [ha.