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see Gran ChacoGran Chaco
or Chaco,
c.250,000 sq mi (647,500 sq km), extensive lowland plain, central South America. It is sparsely populated and is divided among Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. Some of the highest temperatures in the southern continent are reached there.
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a province in northern Argentina, in the basin of the Paraná and Bermejo rivers. Area, 99,600 sq km. Population, 566,600 (1970). The capital of Chaco is the city of Resistencia. Chaco is a major cotton-growing region. Livestock are raised for meat. Industry includes quebracho lumbering and the production of tanning extract.

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Detection of sylvatic dark morphs of Triatoma infestans in the Bolivian Chaco.
Park officials fear that Chaco may also face other threats as the demand increases for the extractable natural resources, mainly gas and oil, plentiful in the San Juan Basin.
Soon after returning to Chaco, Giardinelli replaced the defunct foundation for Puro cuento with a new one bearing his own name.
The work upends the views of some archaeologists who had held that the Chaco Canyon residents first cut down all of the local trees and then ranged farther afield as construction on the great houses proceeded.
Bornon the riverin 1989, Chaco is authentic outdoor footwear that inspires a lifetime of true adventure.
In 1980, Congress expanded Chaco from a national monument into a national historic site and also designated 39 sites beyond the park's boundaries for archaeological protection.
Upper elementary and middle school students may become caught up in this story of Chaco Canyon and the people who thrived there for at least 300 years.
For a scholarly consideration of Chaco Canyon's importance and discoveries, don't miss the college-level guide ARCHAEOLOGY OF CHACO CANYON: AN ELEVENTH-CENTURY PUEBLO REGIONAL CENTER.
Chaco Canyon National Monument is located northwest of Albuquerque.
Topics discussed in the class will include the archaeological background of the Phoenix and Tucson areas and their elaborate irrigation systems, the prehistoric cities of Chaco Canyon, N.
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