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1. a musical form consisting of a set of continuous variations upon a ground bass
2. Archaic a dance in slow triple time probably originating in Spain



an old dance. The chaconne originated in the late 16th century and acquired its characteristic stately, majestic quality in the 17th century. It is danced in a slow tempo, in ¾ time. J. B. Lully used chaconnes as concluding pieces in his ballets.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the chaconne developed as an instrumental piece with a theme repeated in the bass, in a manner similar to the passacaglia. A chaconne for violin with bass attributed to T. Vitali and the chaconne from J. S. Bach’s Partita in D Minor for Unaccompanied Violin became especially popular. Many pieces have been composed in the chaconne form, including Beethoven’s 32 Variations on an Original Theme in C Minor for Piano. Composers of the 17th and 18th centuries used the chaconne form in opera finales.

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From the close relationship between Mexico and the Philippines during the viceroyalty period, Chacon, currently a member of the National System of Art Creators of the Fonca or National Fund for Culture and Arts of Mexico, expresses in two large-format canvases emblematic events of two ports: Acapulco and Manila.
Carlos Chacon of Houston is the president and CEO of Chacon Enterprises.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Chacon continued, "values our people's depth of experience, competence and patriotism.
Paragon Bioservices Inc, a company involved in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, has named the company's founder, Dr Marco Chacon, as the chairman of the company's board of directors, it was reported yesterday.
Born in the Mexican state of Sonora, Chacon allegedly had been on the straight and narrow during the early part of his life.
As CEO, Chacon is expected to develop deeper ties to clients and communities in the 800-mile region from El Paso to Brownsville.
In the new role, Chacon will lead the bank's efforts to expand further in the region.
McDonnell, who admitted he was feeling the pressure beforehand, had a few sticky moments in rounds four and five, although he was still ahead 86-85, 87-84, 88-83 on the judges' scorecards when Chacon quit.
McDonnell was having to dig deep against late replacement Chacon who was pushing the champion hard at the ECHO Arena.
Finally, an observational design, also called non-experimental/ethnographic study (N-E), is the systematic recording and quantification of behavior as it occurs, without manipulating it, in natural or quasi-natural settings, and where the collection, optimization, and analysis of the data thus obtained is underpinned by observational methodology (Anguera, 2008; Chacon et al.
Electricity Minister Jesse Chacon appeared on state television to announce electricity had been restored to most of Caracas but was still down in other portions of the country, while the outage in the capital lasted some ten minutes, RT reported.
Desde el punto de vista micologico, el unico trabajo que a la fecha registra la diversidad fungica del BMM en Mexico fue realizado por Chacon y Medel (1993).