Chadds Ford

Chadds Ford:

see Brandywine, battle ofBrandywine, battle of,
in the American Revolution, fought Sept. 11, 1777, along Brandywine Creek. The creek, formed by two small branches in SE Pennsylvania, flows southeast to join, near Wilmington, Del., the Christina River, which empties into the Delaware.
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Operating with offices in San Diego, CA and Chadds Ford, PA, Pelican's senior management team has over 100+ years in the sub-prime automobile finance space.
For almost four decades, Precision Print Communications, headquartered in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, has been a Single Source for the most innovative and competitively-priced operational and promotional solutions available in the industry.
Wyeth died in his sleep at his home in the Philadelphia suburb of Chadds Ford, according to Jim Duff, director of the Brandywine River Museum.
The first thermoformed frozen food trays of recycled PET were just introduced by Associated Packaging Technologies (APT), Chadds Ford, Pa.
Representing the first detailed exmination of drawings by Wyeth since 1963 (at the Fogg Museum), this publication presents 40 works from the 2006 exhibition at the Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.
At Chadds Ford, the farming village in Pennsylvania where he was born, Wyeth worked with charcoal and oils and studied the masters, among them Albrecht Durer, an early source of inspiration.
Raymond Fabius, MD, CPE, FAAP, FACPE, is president and chief medical officer for I-trax, an integrated health and productivity management firm in Chadds Ford, Pa.
Both AGA Chemicals' headquarters, located in Charlotte, NC and Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers' headquarters in Chadds Ford, PA, will be relocated to the new Bayonne, NJ location, which should be fully operational by the end of March 2004.
Harris, who owns the Chadds Ford Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in Chadds Ford, PA, converted his practice to latex-safe in 1996 after he developed contact dermatitis from a face mask and his dental assistant suffered allergies to latex gloves.
I don't know what changed his mind," says Wyeth, now 56, speaking of Nureyev's decision to pose for the 41 drawings and paintings on display through May 18 in "Capturing Nureyev: James Wyeth Paints the Dancer" at the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pa.
The administrative office will relocate from Chadds Ford, PA to Cleveland, OH with a subsidiary company located in Mississauga, ON.