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see finchfinch,
common name for members of the Fringillidae, the largest family of birds (including over half the known species), found in most parts of the world except Australia.
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(Fringilla coelebs), a songbird of the family Fringillidae. It is about the size of a sparrow (approximately 17 cm long). The male’s plumage is brightly colored (especially in spring): the head is blue-gray, the back is brownish and green, the crop and breast are brownish red, and the wings have large white spots. The coloration of the female is more subdued. The chaffinches common in Europe, Southwest Asia, and North Africa; it is moving toward the east. The chaffinch is one of the most numerous birds in the USSR. It lives in forests and parks of all types, often right near human dwellings. It builds its nest in trees, camouflaging it with moss and lichens. Sometimes it nests twice in a summer. A clutch contains three to six light-blue speckled eggs. The chaffinch feeds on seeds and the green parts of plants, and in the summer it also eats insects and other invertebrates, which it also feeds to its nestlings. The chaffinch has a resonant song and is often kept as a cage bird.


a common European finch, Fringilla coelebs, with black and white wings and, in the male, a reddish body and blue-grey head
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In less than two hours on Friday, 38 Bramblings moved west of Morfa Madryn near Llanfairfechan, along with over 1,200 Chaffinches.
The research, published in the journal EcoHealth, suggests that chaffinches migrating from Britain to the other countries have carried the parasite responsible for the disease.
A wide range of birds contribute to the dawn chorus, including blackbirds, robins, wrens, tawny owls, chaffinches, pheasants and green-finches.
The RSPB said the native stinging nettle supports more than 40 kind of insects, attracting birds and other insect eaters such as hedgehogs, frogs and toads, while their seeds provide food for the likes of house sparrows and chaffinches.
Chaffinch flocks may include bramblings, again picked out on call by their distinct sharp "juwee" separating them from chaffinches.
Chaffinches are one of the commonest species of bird in the UK.
More house sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, blue tits and chaffinches were recorded last year in the county than in Tyne and Wear or Northumberland.
4 3 chaffinches over an hour, they were the most populous species.
Since then her good deed has been rewarded with scores of chaffinches, siskins, tits and woodpeckers arriving, to the delight of visitors.
To attract chaffinches use porridge oats and oatmeal.
Willow warblers, treecreepers and chaffinches also benefited from the conditions.