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Semitic stock-raising tribes who settled in the outlying regions of Babylonia, on the northwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, in the first half of the first millennium B.C.

The Chaldeans were probably of Aramean origin; however, there is some evidence to suggest that they originated in southern Arabia. What language the Chaldeans spoke is open to dispute, since the aristocracy rapidly assimilated with the Babylonians and bore Accadian names. Moreover, there are no written texts that can be positively identified as Chaldean. In the Bible and in post-biblical tradition, a Baby Ionian-Aramaic dialect is referred to as the Chaldean language.

The Chaldeans who settled in the southern part of Mesopotamia gradually adopted a settled way of life and formed a series of principalities, such as Bit-Yakin. Most of these principalities were named after their founders. Beginning in the ninth century B.C., the Chaldeans and Elam fought Assyria for control of Babylon. In the second half of the eighth century and in the early seventh century, Chaldean princes managed to seize the Babylonian throne a number of times. Each time, however, the Chaldeans were driven out by the Assyrians. From 626 B.C. to 538 B.C. the Chaldean dynasty ruled Babylon. This dynasty, which included Nabopolassar and Nebuchadnezzar II, established the New Babylonian Empire.

In ancient Greece and Rome, priests and fortune-tellers of Babylonian origin were called Chaldeans. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the term “Chaldeans” was erroneously applied to the Sumerians.

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Iraq is home to about haft of the 800,000 Chaldeans worldwide.
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As for the Chaldean church, "We are praying in our churches every single Sunday for peace and we pray for our leaders--here and there--in order that God may grant them wisdom to do what is good for humanity and what is good for both countries, not only one side," he said.
The official language of the Chaldean liturgy is Aramaic.
To be fair, there may be other reasons why Christian churches such as the Chaldeans resent evangelical missionaries, having more to do with maintaining their membership than with impact on Muslim extremism.
Because of these attacks, as well as incidents of threat, rape and abduction, 40,000 Chaldeans have fled Iraq for Syria and elsewhere.
Following a meeting at the Chaldean Archdiocese in Bbda, Chaldean Bishop Michel Kassarji said that religious figures of all six minority sects had agreed to demand the addition of two parliamentary seats that would represent all six communities, as was currently the case, and not specific sects.
As far as she is concerned, the Christian Assyrians and Chaldeans, which constitute a very small number of religious minorities and whose history has been intermingled with the missionaries, have not played a dynamic role in the modern Iranian nation-state.
Taking the word, Chaldean Bishop Michel Qassarji, said that the dispensary benefits all the poor and he likened them to Jesus in need of help.
Kirkuk / Nina /-- Archbishop of Chaldeans in Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah that they decided to set up a prayer of peace for nine days in order to restoring security, peace, reconciliation and goodness in the whole of Iraq .
In relevant remarks earlier in the day, Representative of Iranian Assyrians and Chaldeans at the parliament Yonatan Betkelia ruled out pressure or discrimination against religious minorities in Iran, and stressed that they are conducting a peaceful life along with the Shiite Muslims in the country.