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They came up with plans for a 171m2 chalet bungalow with a spacious lounge and separate kitchen/dining room.
The Lodge - a private and exclusive chalet bungalow
oLand at the back of Callaways Road, Shipston, chalet bungalow, R F C Barrett.
This newly-built three-bedroom detached chalet bungalow overlooks the Channel at Fairlight, nine miles from Rye.
However, their life in the neat, chalet bungalow they share at Blackrock, a suburb of Dundalk, has been turned upside down since the events of last August.
It is home to 153 privately-owned bungalows, cottages, chalet bungalows and apartments set in 19 acres of maturelandscaped grounds.
Apartment buildings, cottages and chalet bungalows will create more than 80 individual properties for private ownership and a 60-bed care unit will add to the living options, providing residential, nursing and specialist dementia care.
Chalet bungalows are very popular - I'm sure this family will get the sale they want - but does anyone apart from them really care?
The complex is surrounded by small chalet bungalows where its 31 residents live, some with disabilities, and have a warden on call.