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chalcidicum, chalcidic

1.A portico, or hall supported by columns, or any addition of like character connected with any ancient basilica; hence a similar addition to a Christian church.
2. In a Christian basilica, the narthex.
3. In ancient Roman architecture, a building for judicial functions.
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Seaweed hand-gathered from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the Chalkidiki region.
To exemplify how to use and to evaluate Inset Mapper, we present a case study using as data set from an area of Greece called Chalkidiki.
The 'Euboiocentric' views of British scholars, and the notion that Chalkidiki and Chalkis might have anything to do with each other, are rounded upon with verve.
uk ) offer a week in the Hotel Akrogiali at Stagira in Chalkidiki from pounds 472pp sharing, including a week's half-board, scheduled flights and car hire.
Greek police said Charles arrived by speedboat at the Vatopedi monastery, one of 20 operating in the semi-autonomous religious state on the Chalkidiki peninsula in northern Greece, about 80 miles south-east of Thessaloniki.
Vasileos Prassas '14 of Chalkidiki, Greece; Anton Stoytchev '14 of Kostenets, Bulgaria; Nathan Retich '14 of Rift Valley, Kenya; and Josh Ciolek '14 of Fairport, N.
This letter from the Ministry of Development re-confirms an earlier statement made by the General Secretary of the Greek Ministry of Development, Mr Nikos Stefanou, when he publicly stated that the Government of Greece fully supports the development of mining projects in Chalkidiki, the region where the Skouries and Olympias projects are located.
For example, Alcock remarks on the rise in urbanism in Hellenistic Macedonia but ignores the many and populous archaic and classical Greek cities of the Chalkidiki, many of which disappear after the Macedonian conquest and the synoikismos at Kassandreia.
The EIS, the major approval required from the Greek authorities to allow the project to proceed, was approved after the completion of a ten-month review period that involved Greek government ministries, the Prefectural Council of the Chalkidiki region and the public.
Contract notice: Declaration 5/2014 open international tender for the award of school transport services, spatial competence oq chalkidiki, for the school years 2014-2016
82%) of antibodies against TBE virus was observed in the Chalkidiki prefecture (9).