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see Husson, JulesHusson or Fleury, Jules
, 1821–89, French novelist who wrote under the name Champfleury
. Considered a pioneer of French realism, Champfleury was an avid collector of French art and artifacts and
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(also Fleury, pen name of Jules-François-Félix Husson). Born Sept. 10, 1821, in Laon, Aisne Department; died Dec. 6, 1889, in Sevres, Hauts-de-Seine Department. French writer.

Champfleury studied at a college (a locally financed or privately owned secondary school) in Laon. In the mid-1840’s he began contributing to magazines. His Chien-Caillou (1847) and other collections of short stories and sketches depicted the life of Parisian Bohemians.

A circle of writers formed around Champfleury; their hypercritical work was labeled “realism” by their literary opponents. Champfleury adopted the term, applying it to his own aesthetic theories, which combined tenets of realism with ideas close to those of naturalism and of “art for art’s sake.” He considered the portrayal of the lower classes of society to be the chief task of literature. Champfleury embodied his aesthetic views in such novels as The Sufferings of Schoolmaster Delteil (1853) and The Bourgeois of Molencharat (1855).


In Russian translation:
”Iz knigi Realizm.” In the collection Literaturnye manifesty frantsuzskikh realistov. [Leningrad, 1935.]


Istoriia frantsuzskoi literatury, vol. 2. Moscow, 1956.
Reizov, B. G. Frantsuzskii roman XIX v. Moscow, 1969.
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617), but perhaps he would excuse us, looking at the quantity of it all, for sometimes wanting to say scrivener, stenographer, scribbler, or even scissors-wielding biographer--"un biogra-phe a coups de ciseaux"--as Champfleury called him in his 1860 pamphlet on Wagner.
In his letter to Champfleury describing The Studio, Courbet names nearly all his 'fellow-travellers'.
The Graphic Studio Gallery (Cope Street, Temple Bar; +353 1 679 8021) and Jacques de Champfleury, Paris, have joined forces to stage an exhibition of lithographs by Michael Farrell and his contemporaries.
Neanmoins, ce n'est qu'apres 1850 que le realisme en tant que doctrine et esthetique va s'imposer avec les peintres Honore Daumier, Jean-Francois Millet et surtout Gustave Courbet d'une part, et avec les ecrivains Champfleury, Duranty et Murger, d'autre part.
Like many of his French contemporaries, he was virtually forgotten after his death, to be suddenly and rapidly acclaimed once again, when he was rediscovered in the mid-1840s by critics such as Champfleury, Theophile Gautier, and Thore-Burger (who was also instrumental in reclaiming Vermeer after his long eclipse).
5) Both Champfleury (1821-1889) and Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) described the Mayeux character as a "type" within the history of caricature while Theophile Gautier reviewed the theatrical production Les Caravanes de Mayeux in 1843.
41) Francois would have had intimate knowledge of the legend as it was elucidated with embellishments in Geofroy Tory's Champfleury, dedicated to the king and accepted by him on 5 September 1526.
The project concerns a construction operation SSR 155 beds, 80 beds and 25 USLD HDJ places on land owned by the CHANGE instead Champfleury said about the town of Seynod.
CONTACT: Pierre de Champfleury, 212-333-8618, or Kevin McCarthy, 415-324-1231, both for EROX/ CO: EROX Corporation ST: California IN: HOU SU: OFR