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see Husson, JulesHusson or Fleury, Jules
, 1821–89, French novelist who wrote under the name Champfleury
. Considered a pioneer of French realism, Champfleury was an avid collector of French art and artifacts and
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(also Fleury, pen name of Jules-François-Félix Husson). Born Sept. 10, 1821, in Laon, Aisne Department; died Dec. 6, 1889, in Sevres, Hauts-de-Seine Department. French writer.

Champfleury studied at a college (a locally financed or privately owned secondary school) in Laon. In the mid-1840’s he began contributing to magazines. His Chien-Caillou (1847) and other collections of short stories and sketches depicted the life of Parisian Bohemians.

A circle of writers formed around Champfleury; their hypercritical work was labeled “realism” by their literary opponents. Champfleury adopted the term, applying it to his own aesthetic theories, which combined tenets of realism with ideas close to those of naturalism and of “art for art’s sake.” He considered the portrayal of the lower classes of society to be the chief task of literature. Champfleury embodied his aesthetic views in such novels as The Sufferings of Schoolmaster Delteil (1853) and The Bourgeois of Molencharat (1855).


In Russian translation:
”Iz knigi Realizm.” In the collection Literaturnye manifesty frantsuzskikh realistov. [Leningrad, 1935.]


Istoriia frantsuzskoi literatury, vol. 2. Moscow, 1956.
Reizov, B. G. Frantsuzskii roman XIX v. Moscow, 1969.
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No mais, a casa de seus pais se assemelhava a um circulo literario-intelectual, sendo frequentada por personalidades como Theodore de Banville, Gustave Flaubert, Edmond de Goncourt, Champfleury, Arsene Houssaye, Gustave Dore, Catulle Mendes e Charles Baudelaire, entre outros.
Fechando o volume, Edson Rosa da Silva propoe a traducao de uma carta que Jules Champfleury escreveu a Georges Sand em 1855 em defesa do pintor Gustave Courbet.
Bielecki oppose finalement la sterilite de la collection enlisee dans la materialite de ses possessions, selon les tenants d'un idealisme esthetique dont Proust semble le plus notable representant, a la creativite de cette meme pratique selon les partisans d'une esthetique du collage, ici illustree par le roman de Champfleury, La Mascarade de la vie parisienne.
617), but perhaps he would excuse us, looking at the quantity of it all, for sometimes wanting to say scrivener, stenographer, scribbler, or even scissors-wielding biographer--"un biogra-phe a coups de ciseaux"--as Champfleury called him in his 1860 pamphlet on Wagner.
Poco despues compartieron esa admiracion Millet y Champfleury, Baudelaire era devoto de La dama de armino, y Des Esseintes, el personaje de Huysmans en A Rebours, habia adornado su casa con pinturas de odilon Redon, pero para su dormitorio habia reservado un boceto de El Greco, que le hacia imaginar que vivia muy lejos de Paris, muy lejos del mundo, en un recondito monasterio.
In his letter to Champfleury describing The Studio, Courbet names nearly all his 'fellow-travellers'.
Tellingly, it is Nerval's work that Champfleury offered as an example of how survivals of the past might fuel new artistic production: "Des hommes tels que Gerard de Nerval, qui a donne des echantillons de poesies populaires dans ses livres [.
The scene is set in a grandiose studio where he holds court centre stage with his coterie of friends and supporters, including, on the right-hand side, such influential figures as the philosopher Proudhon and critics Champfleury and Baudelaire and, on the left, a largely uninterested group that Courbet described as representative of 'everyday life'.
On the other side of the Channel the French art critic Jules Champfleury was enthusiastic about the new possibilities in subject matter and the range of audience that railway stations offered.
The Graphic Studio Gallery (Cope Street, Temple Bar; +353 1 679 8021) and Jacques de Champfleury, Paris, have joined forces to stage an exhibition of lithographs by Michael Farrell and his contemporaries.
Com base no termo oitocentista naivete, fixado sobretudo pelo escritor realista frances Champfleury, a nocao de ingenuidade em arte passou a designar um esquema tecnico notavel na producao plastica de pessoas pobres e sem educacao formal.
15) Champfleury compares the writer who hunts peculiar characters to a cat toying with a mouse before pouncing, and describes the group of curious Parisians who follow the exploits of eccentrics as a brotherhood akin to a network of informers.