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an official major competition in any sport, held among sports associations or within a specific region (raion, city, oblast, nation, continent, world), in which the team or player capturing first place is declared the champion. In certain instances, “championship” (chempionat) is distinguished from “first place” (pervenstvo). In football and hockey, for example, adults compete for the USSR championship, and junior-class athletes and sports clubs compete for first place.

The Russian term chempionat is also used at livestock fairs in determining the best specimens of a given breed.

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The two protagonists in the 2015 NCAA championship game were Duke University and the University of Wisconsin.
TV Times (Sky Sports 2, tonight from 8pm): NFC Championship Game - Arizona v Philadelphia; AFC Championship Game - Pittsburgh v Baltimore.
Bonaventure, Oaks Christian had its first close call in the televised state championship game at Home Depot Center.
Teams qualified for the Flint Championship Games by winning tournaments in Flint, East Lansing, Grandville, Marquette, Saginaw, Sault Ste.
The AFC Championship Game was the most-watched television program to date of the 2006-2007 season; +25% higher than American Idol on FOX -- 37.
Although one-loss Florida has already clinched a spot in the SEC Championship Game, the Gators are 10/1 long shots to capture the BCS title and 5/1 to play in their first BCS Championship Game.
We are extremely pleased to extend our commitment to broadcast the SEC Championship game for the next seven years," said McManus.
During the 2007 Tostitos BCS Championship Game, a fan will take the field and pick up the kicking tee after a kickoff.
Birmingham recorded six shutouts and averaged 40 points per game, finishing with a 21-14 victory over Los Angeles in the championship game at East L.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- The National College Football Championship Game Group (NCFCGG), an independent group of business leaders and former college administrators, has solicited the 106-member Division IA football schools within the NCAA to sanction the first college football national championship game on Saturday, Jan.
FRISCO, Texas -- MLS Cup 2005, Major League Soccer's championship game which crowns the best team in American professional soccer, is coming soon to Frisco, Texas.
As a result, the Divisional team defeated Riverside's District 24 team 1-0 in the Big League state championship game at Rosamond Little League and qualified for the West Regional tournament for the first time since 1999.

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