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The Exploring Physics curriculum app, which was developed with the support of the National Science Foundation and in partnership with Werkz Publishing, is a wonderful resource for our partner districts and instructors," Chandrasekhar said.
Asked if the veterans are being a tad greedy and shifting goalposts, Chandrasekhar, the founder of BPL Mobile, said, "They are not unjustified in their demands, even that of yearly revision of pension.
Chandrasekhar Rao said the Dawat-e-Iftar will be a grand affair with 4000 people invited in Hyderabad.
Chandrasekhar presented "Impact of an integrated treatment algorithm based on platelet function testing and clinical risk assessment: Results of the TRIAGE study," on Friday, May 8, 2015, at 9:00 am (Pacific Time).
An asteroid falling into a white dwarf might provide enough mass to push a star over the Chandrasekhar limit.
About 20 percent of adults who experience tinnitus require clinical intervention," explained Chandrasekhar.
Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, speaking on the occasion, said that during his recent visit to Singapore, he saw Ikea stores and was impressed by them.
The party is likely to announce its election campaign committee shortly, under the chairmanship of Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy.
Chandrasekhar with a mission to address healthcare delivery issues through innovative and inclusive product design, and service deployment.
Patent 8,518,324 (August 27, 2013), "Microwave Remediation of Medical Wastes," Prasanna Chandrasekhar (Ashwin-Ushas Corporation, Inc.
Mr Antony in a reply to the letter from Rajya Sabha MP, Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, "India is committed to settle differences with Pakistan only through bilateral negotiations".
Speaking to Gulf Times, Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA) president Sasi Ayyanchira and Matrix Media director Manu Chandrasekhar said they were overwhelmed by the success of the awards ceremony.