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or Sian
, city (1994 est. pop. 2,114,900), capital of Shaanxi prov., China, in the Wei River valley. Situated on the Longhai RR, China's principal east-west line, it is an important commercial, tranportation, and tourism center in a wheat- and cotton-growing area.
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W Beijing - Chang'an is actually a redevelopment project under COFCO Land undertaken after dismantling the original architecture.
At the beginning of the dynasty, the population was concentrated in the ancient heartland and Yellow River regions in the north, with the capitals located in Chang'an and Luoyang.
A further five of diminishing prestige were strung along Chang'an Avenue, enhancing its primacy, while the last three were located on a parallel east-west route slightly to the north.
School of Science, Chang'an University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.
campaign in Beijing in August, they will still see plenty of the Nike logo as they pass several Nike stores along Chang'an Avenue, en route to major tourist attractions like the Silk Market and the Forbidden City.
The path in China's Xi'an city is supposed to provide a safe passage along Chang'an Avenue.
According to Aviation Partner Boeing the order ensures that the growth of Hainan's fleet, plus that of its subsidiaries Chang'an Airlines, Xinhua Airlines and Shanxi Airlines, will be with fuel efficient and capable aircraft.
The workforce is reputed to be one of the best in China, with Ford and its partner, Chang'An Motors, now building a new plant near Nanjing.
The new site will be located in the Chang'an Technology Park in Xi'an's High Technology Industrial Development Zone.
Chang'an Suzuki, a joint venture between the Chongqing-based Chang'an Motor Corp.
During our time in Beijing we stayed at the Minzu Hotel on Chang'an Jie, the main street in the city.
Among his other accomplishments were the creation of the Nestorian hierarchy of India independent of a Persian bishop and the sending of Persian missionaries to Chang'an, the capital of the Tang dynasty (618-907) in China, where they arrived in 635.