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According to La Voix du Nord newspaper, the boy is the 12th person to have died in or around the Channel Tunnel in France since June.
The Channel Tunnel has the longest undersea portion of any tunnel in the world, which is used by Eurostar passenger train services and the Le Shuttle car and freight trains which transport nearly 2.
The handshake that made it all possible - Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Francois Mitterand after signing the Channel Tunnel Agreement at Canterbury in 1986 and, right, Baroness Thatcher at Waterloo Station for the opening of the terminal in 1994
1bn to acquire the Channel Tunnel high-speed rail link (HS1).
The sale of the 110-km High Speed 1 (HS1) line, which links central London to the Channel Tunnel, will be the first major British transport infrastructure sale since airport operator BAA sold London's Gatwick airport late last year.
John Surtees after his drive through the Channel Tunnel
That deal was aiming at stopping a flow of immigrants through the Channel Tunnel from Sangatte,' he said.
PLANS by the French government to open a second refugee camp near Calais would be "disastrous", Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel said today.
The Red Cross site at Sangatte, half a mile from the Channel Tunnel entrance and a mile from ferry ports, is seen as a base for immigrants trying to enter Britain illegally.
Channel Tunnel Companies were formed and stood ready to dig; some of them even started.
THE OPENING OF THE CHANNEL TUNNEL HAS BEEN postponed from June 15, 1993, until late summer.
In both scope and complexity, the project rivals many of Bechtel's previous exceptional accomplishments, including Hoover Dam, the Channel Tunnel, and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.