water channel

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water channel, condensation channel

A trough-like depression in the top of the interior sill of a glazed opening to collect and drain away condensed moisture which forms on the interior face of the glass.
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Tenders are invited for Augmentation water supply scheme to village sadewala district sirsa relaying of rcc pipe channel of water works sadewala and all other works contingent thereto
What channel of water separates the two parts of Istanbul?
A team of engineers armed with a digger were sent to Oxwich to remove sand which was blocking a channel of water.
Summary: A coral-killing starfish has begun infesting a channel of water in the Philippines famed for .
For strong lines leave a rill unplanted, or use it to make a channel of water planting.
While there is a narrow channel of water next to the fish barrier at the tailrace that gives salmon a shortcut back to the river, it is not attractive to fish.
STRAIT: a narrow channel of water joining two larger bodies of water.
Earlier, expert ecologist Dr David Hockin, speaking on behalf of Able UK, said that dredging a channel of water would not affect local wildlife.
Another way Bee has found to compensate for high land and construction costs is to develop market rate housing buildings with a percentage of affordable housing, such as the 300 unit condo project he is working on along the Gowanus Canal--a channel of water in South Brooklyn that has been cleaned of the toxicity for which it was renowned in the late 1980's.
Then there was the matter of Drake Passage, a channel of water with an attitude that separates the tip of South America from Antarctica.
His team will attempt crossings from the coasts of Greece and Italy to the island of Sardinia, as well as across the Strait of Gibraltar, a channel of water at the Mediterranean's mouth that separates Europe from Africa.
Ms Thom said: "This feature is considered the most dangerous because it consists of a channel of water one metre deep which has an artificially created current which is quite strong.