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one of the pamphlets formerly sold in Europe and America by itinerant agents, or "chapmen." Chapbooks were inexpensive—in England often costing only a penny—and, like the broadside, they were usually anonymous and undated. The texts typically were similar to those of current tabloid newspapers and therefore reveal much about the popular taste of the 16th, 17th, and 18th cent. The term is occasionally used to refer to old manuscripts showing national character through the use of vernacular expressions.
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The binding appears to be near-contemporary with the chapbooks themselves; the front free endpaper has the ownership inscription 'David Webster's / Book Paisley.
Chapbooks date back to the sixteenth century, as printed books first became affordable in Europe.
Young has published three other books, including his prize-winning chapbook "Living in the Counterpoint" (Finishing Line Press, 2012), an earlier chapbook “Because the Wind Has Questions” (Somers Rocks Press, 1997), and a full-length collection of poems “Transcriptions of Daylight” (Rattapallax Press, 2000).
Asserting that gothic novels already offered a recycling of "historical, mythic, ballad and even biblical plots" (14), Hoeveler studies how genres like opera (chapters 1 and 2), drama (chapter 3), melodrama (4), the ballad (5), and chapbooks (6) further recycled the tropes and plots of gothic novels for an increasingly broad audience during the period of 1780-1820.
Hagen is the author of "Entering" (Airlie Press, 2011) and of two chapbooks, "Fringe Living" (26 Books Press) and "Among Others" (Traprock Books).
Other contributions include essays by Noel Kissane and Patricia Moloney on the National Folklore Collection's Chapbook collection, by Bo Almqvist on rare editions of Icelandic metrical romances, by Eilis Ni Dhuibhne on the Urban Folklore Project of the early 1980s, a project which concentrated on recording local lore in Dublin city and its environs, and the personal recollections of folklorist Daithi O hOgain.
Even more inexplicably, Smith reproduces the title page of one of the chapbooks described in detail by Cass, but this goes unremarked by him.
They hold a poetry contest, publish chapbooks, organize an annual poetry and disabilities conference, and last March started a quarterly online magazine, Wordgathering (word gathering.
John Olivares Espinoza is the author of the chapbooks Gardeners of
Literary editor Erik Muller, who helps poets publish chapbooks under the imprint Trap Rock Books, will be selling several poetry collections from 3:30 p.
DarkTales is an independent publisher of original horror fiction books, collections, anthologies and chapbooks, from both the freshest faces on the horror scene, to best-selling authors.
also appear in two chapbooks published by Steel Bridge Publishing Co.