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As teenagers start thinking abstractly, most can consider multiple characteristics and make more integrated judgments about their personal traits.
Each example must illustrate the characteristics identified in the "always" category.
This characteristic will be present if any person (or group) has the exclusive authority to make the management decisions necessary to the conduct of the business.
This theory stereotypes masculine and feminine characteristics, and therefore also men and women.
In the first period, I assume that individuals do not have a preference over the characteristics of the products, and they receive a constant utility from consumption.
The correspondence of combined class characteristics is valuable information, and its importance should not be understated.
Computation of planned characteristics of power units and construction of deterministic equivalents.
To create a context of contemporary change in the classroom, a written assignment was structured to mimic a characteristic of complexity theory.
In figure 9, we can see that LSR 1 shows an increase in viscosity at low shear rate before showing the characteristic shear thinning effect that we normally associate with LSR materials.
This model is especially effective for determining the impact of class plan variables on loss costs or the impacts of different claim characteristics on an ultimate claim settlement value.
No two products or characteristics are exactly alike because any process contains many sources of variation.
The anabolic steroids involved in the Major League Baseball scandal mimic hormones responsible for controlling female characteristics.

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