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1. a person, usually a woman, who tends the sick, injured, or infirm
2. Zoology a worker in a colony of social insects that takes care of the larvae

What does it mean when you dream about a nurse?

Dreaming of a nurse suggests a need to be taken care of and to be healed. It also sometimes indicates a healing is in progress. This dream also implies that strained or unpleasant conditions are being set aright.

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Despite awarding interim reinstatement, the ERA did not order permanent reinstatement because the relationship between the charge nurse and her former employer had effectively broken down.
Last June new proficiency requirements for were announced for ward cleaners under the supervision of a ward sister or charge nurse in every hospital.
Charge nurses are particularly at risk in this area.
I am so proud of all the team, from Jill the ward clerk, who would show love to all who came on the ward, Julie the care assistant, Carol the cleaner, Tracey the ward sister, Carlos the charge nurse, Carlos the cleaner, Carlos the doctor from San-Torino, Aonya the physiotherapist, Naz the care assistant, Tim the charge nurse, Mr Prasad the surgeon.
A former associate charge nurse manager at Tauranga Hospital and long-time trade union activist, Paul Mathews, has been appointed to the 0.
30pm Senior Staff Charge Nurse Denzil Findley visits each department to follow up any problems that may have arisen that now must be handled by the new team.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Proverb 9 Allow 10 Taken 11 Genesis 12 Run 13 Neonatal 16 Solution 17 Elm 19 Mastiff 21 Padre 22Ghana 23Risotto DOWN: 1 Upstart 2 Look into 3 Rein 4 Maintain 5 Ales 6 Awash 8 Beg to differ 13 Nautical 14 Anecdote 15 Emperor 18 Imago 20 Slap 21 Past QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Charge nurse 8 Toe 9 Lug 11 Blazing 12 Pearl 13 Oar 14 Moo 15 Enquire 17 Elf 19Wars 21 Undo 23 User 25Wine 27 Mrs 29 Taxicab 31 Ate 34 Sue 36 Reach 37 Cuisine 38 Yes Y 39 Gin 40 Measurement DOWN: 1 Cola 2 Hear 3 Reigned 4 Egg-cup 5 Upper 6 Slam 7 Euro 8 T-bone 10 Gloss 16 Ewe 18 Fun 20 Arm 22 Net 24 Stadium 25Weary 26 Pincer 28 Sheen 30 Ashes 32 Teem 33 Ease 34 Sign 35 Unit
There is no way a charge nurse can fulfill this role when they are also expected to carry a full patient assignment of their own.
Craig Leathard, charge nurse at the hospital, who lives in Ashington, has been the driving force behind the calendar campaign.
Editor's Note: In fairness to Nurse LeBlanc, she did report the changes in the patient's condition to her charge nurse and a respiratory therapist.
She has worked in long-term care since 1969, as a charge nurse, in staff development, as a director of nursing, and as a state surveyor for CMS.
Happy ending,'' said Debbie Ruiz, charge nurse at the Family Center Care, of the normal and C-section deliveries.