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We Love TV spent a day on set at Penshurst Place, in Kent, an elegant stately home that doubles as the palace grounds of Charles II, the pompous playboy king, played by Jack Huston.
Charles II hid in Moseley Old Hall, at Fordhouses, from Parliamentary soldiers in 1651 before escaping to France.
To set the scene, the first episode opens in 1680, and after 20 years on the throne, Charles II seems to have forgotten about his initial promises of tolerance, and is instead stamping out some of the hard-won rights of the Civil War.
But in 1662 Charles II, with his penchant for the ladies and following the French fashion, allowed women onto the stage for the first time.
In the XIIth year of the reign of Charles II - Written in the Office of the Pantry, the Butler and the Cellar of the Lord King in the year of our lord 1660-1661.
Scots proclaimed his son king and invited him to come to Scotland, where he was crowned Charles II in January 1651.
In 1662, following the Restoration under Charles II, it was re-issued and remains in use today.
I recall attending a performance, eight years ago, of a play entitled King Charles II by one Eric A.
Indeed, was it not the case that in order to firm up the relationship, Catherine of Braganza married King Charles II in 1661?
The restoration of Charles II had worried many Englishmen who suspected the Stuarts of Roman Catholic and absolutist leanings.
People know certain things about historical figures and what they know about Charles II is orangeselling,Nell Gwynn and spaniels ``In fact, we've avoided having spaniels coming out of our ears -there's just the odd one.
And with the return of the hunky Rufus Sewell - star of A Knight's Tale - as the charismatic but devious 17th Century monarch, King Charles II, we're in a for a right royal treat.