Charles Manson

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Manson, Charles

(1934–  ) cult leader; born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Released from prison in 1967, he set up a commune based on free love and devotion to himself. Members of his cult conducted a series of grisly murders in California in 1969. He and his accomplices were sentenced to death, but were spared the death penalty due to a Supreme Court ruling against capital punishment.
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ther T-shirts had the words "Free Ted Bundy" and "Ted Bundy is Innocent", and "Serial Killer in Training" alongside graphic images, and the Charles Manson T-shirt and romper had a picture of the serial killer with a swastika on his forehead.
KRMC's CEO Pierre Turgeon: "KRMC-Cogito titles, such as Charles Manson Now and Bad Girls, are already performing beyond our expectations and our recent European releases of La Messie (She-Messiah) and La Legende Adjani (The Legend of Adjani) have been very well received.
In 1967 Charles Manson was released from another stint behind bars.
What do James Dean, Michael Jackson, Florence Henderson, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter, Abraham Lincoln, and Charles Manson have in common?
THE STORY: The shocking and gruesome lives of Charles Manson (Games) and his notorious family, beginning with their early hippie cult days through to the shocking Tate/La Bianca murders in August 1969 and their subsequent time in jail.
Burroughs, Charles Manson, and the "Moors murderers" Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.
Main County, home to rich ex-hippies, rock stars and Charles Manson, kicked down a park that's about a 5 on the Richter Scale.
Stone of ABC; it's her "Q" ratings, and her willingness to pretend that chatting with Michael Jackson and Charles Manson constitutes journalism, that command the big bucks.
During the discussion, a disheveled character looking a bit like Charles Manson entered--the second (and more convincing) Manson look-alike of the evening.
The producers are attempting to fast track the production, aligning the release of the film to coincide with the same time Charles Manson comes up for parole.
DIDN'T serial killer Charles Manson forgo any right to a happy life the day he ordered his followers to commit murder?
Last year Manson 6 whose real name is Brian Warner, his stage name is a combination of Charles Manson and bombshell Marilyn Monroe 6 received a letter from the serial killer he shares his namesake with.