Charles the Bald

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Charles the Bald,

French king: see Charles IICharles II
or Charles the Bald,
823–77, emperor of the West (875–77) and king of the West Franks (843–77); son of Emperor Louis I by a second marriage.
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, emperor of the West.
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Across the channel the empire of Charlemagne was breaking up under Charles the Bald.
For example, Foot describes the iconography of AEthelstan's coins as resembling those of the Frankish King, Charles the Bald and the Ottonian King, Otto I.
Sitting at Llangefni, Coroner Dewi Pritchard-Jones ruled that it was treasure trove together with a silver coin with the imprint of Charles the Bald minted between 848AD and 877AD, and a piece of gold wire from a brooch made between the 7th and 9th centuries AD.