Charles the Fat

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Charles the Fat,

French king: see Charles IIICharles III
or Charles the Fat,
839–88, emperor of the West (881–87), king of the East Franks (882–87), and king of the West Franks (884–87); son of Louis the German, at whose death he inherited Swabia (876).
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, emperor of the West.
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7 Charles the Fat, Arnulf the Bad and Henry the Quarrelsome were among the medieval rulers of which important duchy?
and monarchy (Mad King Ludwig, various Tarquins, George III and Charles the Fat - who may well have been all right, but I just like the name) straight into the proverbial cocked hat.
Almost all that is known about the empress Richard was that she was repudiated by Charles the Fat after a joint declaration that they had never had conjugal relations.