Charlotte Corday

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Charlotte Corday
Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d'Armont
BirthplaceSaint-Saturnin-des-Ligneries, Écorches (in present-day Orne), Normandy, France
Known for Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

Corday, Charlotte

(Marie Anne Charlotte Corday d'Armont) (märē` än shärlôt` kōrdā` därmôN`), 1768–93, assassin of Jean Paul MaratMarat, Jean Paul
, 1743–93, French revolutionary, b. Switzerland. He studied medicine in England, acquired some repute as a doctor in London and Paris, and wrote scientific and medical works (some in English), but was frustrated in his attempts to win official recognition
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. Although of aristocratic background, she sympathized with the GirondistsGirondists
or Girondins
, political group of moderate republicans in the French Revolution, so called because the central members were deputies of the Gironde dept. Girondist leaders advocated continental war.
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 in the French Revolution and felt that Marat, in his persecution of the Girondists, was acting as the evil genius of France. She resolved to emulate the action of Brutus and destroy the "tyrant." Leaving her native Normandy for Paris, she gained an audience with Marat by promising to betray the Girondists of Caen and stabbed him (July 13, 1793) in his bath. She was guillotined.

Corday, Charlotte


(full name, C. Corday D’Armont). Born July 27, 1768, in St. Saturnin; died July 17, 1793, in Paris. Assassin of J.-P. Marat. From a gentry family of Normandy.

Corday fell under the influence of the Girondists, who had fled Paris and in June 1793 had organized a counterrevolutionary center in the city of Caen aimed at liquidating the Jacobin dictatorship. Corday came to Paris and gained entrance, on the pre-text of exposing the Caen conspirators, to Marat’s apartment on July 13, 1793. She stabbed the sick Marat through the heart. Corday was guillotined by order of the Revolutionary Tribunal.

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The moral of this allegory teaches that supporting God, King, and Country means protecting women and children like Marie Antoinette, the Dauphin, and Charlotte Corday.
The first French melodrama to treat this topic is Victor Ducange's Sept Heures, ou Charlotte Corday in 1827.
Heinrich Zschokke's Charlotte Corday oder die Rebellion von Kalvados (Stettin, 1794) was translated into French.
On July 13, 1793, Marie-Anne Charlotte Corday came to him with information about alleged counterrevolutionary conspiracies.
Shearing, the author of a book on Charlotte Corday entitled the Angel of the Assassination, refers to Marat's "verminous black hair" which was "bound with a dirty rag soaked in vinegar," to his "scabby limbs covered with filthy clothes," to "his bandaged legs" and "broken boots.
The tale, narrated by the young murderess Charlotte Corday in the moments before she is to have her head lopped off, takes you on a dramatic journey and treasure hunt into the sights and sounds of Paris at the time of the Revolution.
And lot 39, a colt by Polish Precedent, is the first foal of Listed-placed Charlotte Corday and shares his grand-dam-Nassau winner Dancing Rocks-with Superstar Leo.
Anniversaries: 1525: Cardinal Wolsey founded Christ Church, Oxford, as Cardinal College; 1527: Birth of scholar, mathematician and astrologer John Dee; 1558: The Spanish and English armies defeated the French at Gravelines; 1643: The Parliamentarians were defeated at the Battle of Devizes; 1793: Charlotte Corday murdered Jean Paul Marat in his bath; 1811: Birth of architect Sir George Gilbert Scott; 1837: Queen Victoria went to live in Buckingham Palace; 1922: France II , the world's largest sailing vessel weighing 5,806 tons, was wrecked off the coast of New Caledonia; 1933: Nazis ban all other political parties in Germany.
Moreover, Wesley's images are so varied, and weird: try a wall filled with gouaches depicting, in part, George Gordon Lord Byron as a Cranky Sailor, 1989, a nude Blondie apparently about to administer a blowjob to a nude Dagwood on a bed, Dagwood alone in a bathtub (the piece's entitled B Musing about Charlotte Corday and the Course of European History, 1974), and a waterspout and empty dialogue balloon manifesting themselves in the sky above an ocean.
Joining him in the cast are Arsher Ali as Jean-Paul Marat, Imogen Doel as Charlotte Corday and Golda Roshuevel.
Yet the most appealing part of the book is the noncohesive collection of testimonies included in it: Todd Haynes' script for Poison, Gregory Whitehead's "The Forensic Theater: Memory Plays for the Postmortem Condition," fiction by Kathy Acker, Leslie Dick's meditation on the skull of Charlotte Corday, as well as testimony from Charles Manson and Hitler.
Born in Chanteloup, near Paris, he was the oldest of the five children of a wealthy textile manufacturer and a mother who was descended from Marat's bath assassin, Charlotte Corday.

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