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city (1991 pop. 15,396), capital and chief port of Prince Edward Island, E Canada, on the southern coast. Food processing, tourism, fishing, and farming are the main industries. The French established (c.1720) a fort and settlement across the harbor, known as Port la Joie. Charlottetown was laid out by the British in 1768 and named for Queen Charlotte, consort of George III. Its growth was slow until the middle of the 19th cent., when it became noted for the sailing vessels it built for fishing and lumber transport. In the city is the Univ. of Prince Edward Island. The Charlottetown Conference of the Maritime Provs. (1864) was the first step toward Canadian confederation.


a port in SE Canada, capital of the province of Prince Edward Island. Pop.: 38 114 (2001)
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As acknowledged in the Canada Clause in the Charlottetown Accord, the right to self-government predates Confederation and the Constitution Acts of Canada.
He concluded, "Welcome to the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty and the family of Rotary International.
John Hamilton Gray (1810-1887), who was head of government of PEI in 1864 and served as host and chairman of the historic Charlottetown Conference that got the ball rolling on the road to Confederation.
Angus Bernard MacEachern, the first bishop of the diocese of Charlottetown, by Emmet J.
She wrote of her arrival in remote Charlottetown: "The flight to Charlottetown from Halifax was on the tiniest plane I have ever seen
Following Charlottetown, Kitchener joins the report for the first time since May 2011, coming in second place with a nine percent drop and Vancouver, absent from the list since November, comes in third with a five percent drop.
Back in Charlottetown we visited Founders Hall, the birthplace of Canada where in 1864 the basis of the confederation was thrashed out by 23 delegates at the Charlottetown Conference, a tale brought to life with a tour through an imaginative time travel tunnel.
Food is vital to the island's economy and the Culinary Institute of Canada is based in Charlottetown and not only trains future generations of chefs, it runs a commercial arm, Canada's Smartest Kitchens, which provides help for the island's big producers of potatoes and shellfish on developing new products for supermarkets across Canada, from oven chips to frozen oysters Rockerfeller.
The operation includes an arms embargo enforced by Charlottetown and other NATO warships and aircraft patrolling the approaches to Libyan territorial waters to reduce the flow of arms, related material and mercenaries to Libya.
com [bar] Recommended restaurants: Lot 30, 151 Kent Street, Charlottetown, where chef Gordon Bailey produces wonderful, imaginative food using the island's great seafood and beef.
The Delta Prince Edward Charlottetown Hotel, in the capital of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, is different.

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