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Haran, in the Bible


(hā`răn), in the Bible.

1 Abraham's brother.

2 Caleb's son.

Haran, ancient city, Mesopotamia




(both: härän`), ancient city of Mesopotamia, now in SE Asian Turkey, 24 mi (39 km) SE of Şanlıurfa. It was an important center on the trade route from Nineveh to Carchemish and the seat of the Assyrian moon god. The Babylonians defeated the Assyrian army at Haran in 609 B.C. Frequently mentioned in the Bible, it was the home of Abraham's family after the migration from Ur. The Greek form of the name is Charan or Charran. In Roman times it was CarrhaeCarrhae
, Roman name for the ancient Mesopotamian city of Haran. The name Carrhae is best known because of the battle of Carrhae in 53 B.C. M. Licinius Crassus (see Crassus, family) was defeated by the Parthians, who by their archery routed the Roman force.
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Mia Charran is elated to be returning to the technical staff as Make-Up & Aesthetic Director.
Sikh Sangat established a committee for negotiating with government in which Gopal Singh, Malhinder Singh, Revinder Singh, Ottar Singh, Mahesh Singh, Kalwainder Singh, Ramesh Singh, Kaka Singh, Charran Jeet Singh and Mangal Singh, while the members of the government committee Syed Zaffar Ali Shah, Senator Nisar Muhammad Khan, Senator Sardar Ali Khan, and Minority Member of National Assembly Dr.