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see HasidimHasidim
or Chassidim
[Heb.,=the pious], term used by the rabbis to describe those Jews who maintained the highest standard of religious observance and moral action. The term has been applied to movements at three distinct times.
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Karas found no merit in the allegation that four Rockland County villages--Pomona, Wesley Hills, Chestnut Ridge, and Montebello, all in the Town of Ramapo--were established to discriminate again Chassidim.
Idelsohn, "Chassidic Song," in Jewish Music in its Historical Development (New York: Henry Holt, 1929), 411-434; Idelsohn, Songs of the Chassidim, vol.
CDATA[ Police were called in over disturbances between Chabad and Gerrer Chassidim at the citys Ashkenazi central synagogue.
Some people, I think the Chassidim, use this rigid law for that; and I think dancers use dancing, and other people use, unfortunately, bombs.
song, have been integral to the practice of chassidim from its founding
Life in a Religious Community: The Lubavitcher Chassidim in Montreal.
But elsewhere she hastens to qualify her visionary proposition: for the backward "semi-Orientals, Kabalists and Chassidim, who constitute the vast majority of East European Israelites, some more practical meas ure of reform must be devised" (Epistle 77).
and all the more so when I learn that over a quarter of these black-clad chassidim work for Microsoft
Tan imposible como me resulto penetrar en el pasado Chassidim de Chagall, me resulta ahora acceder a Chihuahua, con ese tremendo pasado precolombino que Sebastian lleva consigo, unido a la posterior arquitectura hispanica.
The development of Jewish and Catholic scholasticism and mysticism in pre-expulsion Spain and of later Christian Pietism and Chassidim in Eastern Europe are obvious examples.