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During the Chateau-Thierry campaign, Foulois also encountered many problems with the Air Service's efforts to keep his squadrons at the front supplied with replacement airplanes and personnel.
In July 1918, as the Inspector General was investigating Mitchell's actions during the Chateau-Thierry operation, Foulois on his own initiative went to the investigators and informed them he felt that Mitchell had taken appropriate actions and he would have done the same under similar circumstances.
Shortly before the 1st Pursuit Group arrived in the Chateau-Thierry sector, Reinhard sent a report to his superiors indicating that the Germans had established air superiority: "Since the beginning of the planned assault the Frenchman has been very cautious, completely on the defensive, and only seldom crosses the lines.
The Chateau-Thierry campaign served as his postgraduate education in aerial warfare.
CAS-TSX) announces that its Greenfield division in Chateau-Thierry (France) has obtained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for its recycled pulp.
Cascades believes that the Chateau-Thierry operation is the first market DIP (deinked pulp) producer to claim the FSC certification in Europe.
Contract notice: Agricultural use of sewage sludge from the chateau-thierry from 11/2015 to 11/2019.
CAS-TSX) announces the buy-back of the 50% interest held by its partner Dalum Papir A/S in the Chateau-Thierry, France deinked pulp plant.
Contract notice: Damage insurance services work for the inter aquatic center community towns of chateau-thierry area.