Chatham Island

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Chatham Island:

see Savai'iSavai'i
, volcanic island (1981 pop. 43,150), Samoa. It is the largest (c.700 sq mi/1,810 sq km) and most westerly of the Samoan islands. Savai'i, fertile and mountainous, has the highest peak in Samoa, Mt. Silisili (6,070 ft/1,850 m). Bananas, copra, and cocoa are exported.
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Similar to the 2005 Chatham Island Focus survey (Ministry of Health, 2005), the amount of alcohol consumed, mostly by male residents, seemed greater than documented in overall NZ drug use surveys (Wilkins & Sweetsur, 2008), which may carry implications for health service provision to meet mental health, social and general health consequences, but particularly workplace safety in an environment where manual labor predominates.
novaezehmdiae, the trace metals in whole body tissues were site-specific with mean values ranging from 18-59 [micro]]g/g dry weight (dwt) for most sites and high Cd in scallops collected from the Chatham Islands (mean, 332 [micro]g/g dwt).
To prove that these defences were linked to the presence of moa, the team compared Araliaceae leaves to samples from a similar species of tree, P chathamicus, from the Chatham Islands, which are 800 kilometres east of New Zealand.
The shark teeth are just one symbol of the antiquity of Chatham Island.
Spot to Air in The Chatham Islands, Ground Zero For the New Millennium
As its name suggests, it is originally from Chatham Island, in the Pacific Ocean, where it grows near the shoreline.
On his return to England he did the rounds of the government departments, begging to be allowed to continue his experiment at another penal colony, such as Chatham Island, or even in a British prison.
The programme will record the first dawn of the new century breaking over Chatham Island in the Pacific Ocean - and the last over Western Samoa.
The town is also due to take part in an internationally televised live dawn programme that will broadcast the sunrise on January 1 from the slopes of Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands group east of the New Zealand mainland and from Mount Hikurangi near Gisborne.
They say anyone wanting to beat the Pitt Islanders would have to travel south-east to the uninhabited Chatham Islands where dawn will be three minutes earlier.
Delegates attended from all over New Zealand, including the Chatham Islands and from Australia.

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