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Winters is the sole commissioner of Chattooga County and a member of the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
According to RealtyTrac, which recently ranked the most and least affordable real estate markets in the nation, Los Angeles is at the top (or the least affordable), and Chattooga County is at the bottom.
They know that the first page is Los Angeles County and the pages beyond that are Chattooga County.
The idea was sprouted from the news of neighboring Chattooga County schools, who "recently decided to use ID cards containing radio frequency identification device (RFID) chips to track students getting on and off school buses.
Martin and Sneed [64] found one Myotis that they tentatively identified as an Indiana bat during an October survey of Lowery Cave, Chattooga County, Georgia.
Once again the News had shaped things up a bit in Chattooga County, Georgia.