Guy de Chauliac

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Chauliac, Guy de

(gē də shōlyäk`), c.1300–1368, French surgeon. At Avignon he was physician to Pope Clement VI and to two of his successors. His Chirurgia magna (1363) was used as a manual by physicians for three centuries.
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Guy de Chauliac, for example, urged lepers to consider the disease "the purgatorie to the sole," noting that "if the world have hem in hate, neverthelatter God have hem not in hate .
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El canonigo y medico de los Papas de Avignon Guy de Chauliac (1300-1367, Francia) hizo apuntes de la lepra: <<Tienen las cejas y los parpados hinchados, presentan caida de cejas y pestanas, que son reemplazadas por pelos mas finos.
En la peninsula iberica, y mas concretamente en Castilla, la obra de Borgognoni, junto con las de Lanfranco de Milan (segunda mitad del siglo XIII) (7) y Guy de Chauliac (siglo XIV), son las mas influyentes en la cirugia medieval (8).
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