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Divers were searching the Chelyabinsk region's frozen Lake Chebarkul for a fragment of the meteorite.
Yesterday, scientists recovered what could be the largest part of the meteor from Chebarkul Lake outside the city.
London, Feb 18 ( ANI ): Meteorite fragments have been discovered around a frozen lake near Chebarkul in Russia's Urals region, Russian scientists have revealed.
The meteor is believed to have landed in a lake near Chebarkul, a town in the Chelyabinsk region.
Sharygin said that they hoped to find out more once the main body of the meteorite is raised from Chebarkul Lake.
IMPACT CRATER A hole in the ice of Chebarkul Lake where a large meteor struck the lake near the Russian town of Chelyabinsk
Scientists at the Urals Federal University were the first to announce a significant find - 53 small, stony, black objects around Lake Chebarkul, near Chelyabinsk, which tests confirmed were small meteorites.
Some meteorite fragments fell in a reservoir outside the town of Chebarkul, the regional Interior Ministry office said.
The largest block is thought to have crashed through ice into a lake in Chebarkul, 50 miles from Chelyabinsk.
Speaking as he and Chinese President Hu Jintao wrapped up joint military exercises at Chebarkul in Russia's Ural Mountains, Putin said: "We have decided to renew flights of Russian strategic aviation on a permanent basis.
A team of scientists in Russia recovered the 570kg fragment of the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite from the bottom of Lake Chebarkul, in the Urals.