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(US), checker
any of the marbles, pegs, or other pieces used in the game of Chinese chequers


One of the squares in a checkered pattern, which is contrasted to its neighbor by color or texture; often only two of the effects are alternated, similar to a chessboard.

checker, chequer

One of the squares in a check pattern, contrasted to its neighbors by color or texture; often only two effects are alternated, as in a chessboard. Also see diaper.
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org, The Washington Post's The Fact Checker, and PolitiFact use diligent analysis and actual facts to debunk the false and misleading claims of politicians and partisans from all sides.
If enough good workers do this then there won't be any more gunstocks to checker anywhere and I won't have to continue to go blind checkering yet another gunstock.
8220;It is fantastic to have Hoowla come on board and integrate the Lawyer Checker system into their own.
The checkers help Crismond by grouping the products that should be bagged together in the same area on the counter.
Contact: Mike Barnard, Yellow Checker Cab, phone 210-650-8600, e-mail mike@yellowcheckercabsa.
The checker did not awaken until after the Hornet's nose wheel hit him.
The policy is a source file that is used to configure the LEDA checkers.
Amusingly, when I ran this completed column through the checker, it flagged the previous sentence - its own sentence - and remarked: "The word many does not agree with does.
Whether Chinook could ever have defeated Tinsley remains a nagging question, and Schaeffer has considered the possibility of calculating the game from beginning to end and building a perfect checker player to settle the issue.
You can't do a good job by trying to checker downhill and must position your work accordingly.
Cognex Corporation has added the Checker 3G series to its award-winning Checker vision sensor product line.
This supplier of machine vision systems and vision sensors has expanded its Checker vision sensor product line with the Checker 252 model.