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(channel associated signaling) in-band signalling.


(1) (Channel Associated Signaling) Carrying signaling information within the data channels of a T1 line (in band) rather than on a separate control channel. CAS signaling is also used to carry 911 emergency data such as telephone number and location information. Contrast with CCS.

(2) (Column Address Strobe) A clock signal in a memory chip used to pinpoint the column of a particular bit in a row-column matrix. See RAS.

(3) (Content Addressed Storage) A storage technique from EMC that assigns an identifier to fixed content. See content addressed storage.

(4) (Communications Application Specification) A programming interface from Intel and DCA for activating functions in fax/modems. Introduced in 1988, Intel provides both the boards and the chips. CAS has not been widely used.
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It accesses databases which span the chemical, engineering, life, medical, and physical sciences, including five Chemical Abstract Service databases and the National Library of Medicine bibliographic database Medline.
Entries include Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) registry numbers, and are arranged by increasing molecular formula from C15H5O5 to C60H93O6.
Searches can also be performed by Chemical Abstract Service number and by keyword.

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