Chemical Diagram

Diagram, Chemical


(physicochemical diagram), a graphic representation of the relation between the numerical values of the physical or mechanical properties of a physicochemical system and the values of its parameters (composition, temperature, pressure). Constitution diagrams and composition-property diagrams of binary systems are examples of the simplest chemical diagrams. The number and relative positions of the geometric images of a chemical diagram—points, lines, surfaces, and volumes—make it possible to draw conclusions about the chemical nature, composition, and boundaries of existence of the phases formed by the components of the system without isolating or analyzing these phases.


Kurnakov, N. S. Izbr. trudy, vol. 1. Moscow, 1960.
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Participants in the blind test were invited to predict the full three-dimensional crystal structures of five previously unpublished compounds, starting solely from the chemical diagram and basic crystallization conditions.
To this end, Fields explains the utility of, and repeatedly returns to, structural chemical diagrams where relevant.
Now, in the unromantic setting of Pfizer's research centre, at Sandwich, Kent, it slowly dawned on the team of scientists that the complex chemical diagrams added up to just one thing - the most potent love drug ever created.
The book includes many b&w process diagrams and chemical diagrams.
Gwynned Plaza 3, Spring House -- $58,500 to continue development of its computer software for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries which enables pharmaceutical, organic and biochemists to draw chemical diagrams on the computer, use these diagrams in presentations and share work with others.

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