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The use of Headwaters' chemical reagents will replace the chemicals previously used at two of the three sites.
or purchases): Supply of chemical reagents and polyelectrolyte for the facilities managed by edar bens, Sa
The subject of the order is the supply of chemical reagents for the faculty of chemistry of the university of warsaw at ul.
Supply of chemical reagents from dako for silesian medical university in katowice according to the assortment and price list attached to the invitation.
Contract award notice: Purchase and delivery of chemical reagents for organizational units of silesian medical university in katowice.
Contract award notice: Successive delivery of chemical reagents, Broken down into seven parts according to the assortment specification for ump organizational units.
The integrated solution will enable the scientist to access MDL Logistics from SciQuest's Spend Director application to procure chemical reagents in a chemically intuitive environment.
Prior information notice without call for competition: Supply of chemical reagents, glass and volumetric material, fungible material and laboratory auxiliaries, for the regional animal health laboratory 2018-2019.

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