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(physical chemistry)
The ability of a substance to form a solution with another substance.



the ability of one substance to combine with another and form a homogeneous, thermodynamically stable system of variable composition made up of two or more components. These systems are formed upon interaction of gases with liquids, liquids with liquids, and other similar combinations. The ratios of the components to one another may be either arbitrary or restricted within certain limits. In the latter case, the solubility is said to be limited.

The solubility of a substance under given conditions is determined from the substance’s concentration in a saturated solution. The solubility of various substances in a specific solvent depends on external conditions, mainly on the temperature and pressure. The effect of pressure on solubility is most pronounced with gases. A change in external conditions affects solubility in accordance with the principle of equilibrium shift (see LECHÂTELiER’S PRINCIPLE). Solubility charts of various substances have been compiled for the most important solvents. Such charts either express solubility as a function of external conditions or simply list the solubility under standard conditions.

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Mechanical methods are energy-intensive and often ineffective, and commonly-used chemical solvents such as benzene, ether or hexane are toxic and require special handling.
Economic evaluation of various processes for decaffeination of coffee indicate that the original standard method of using a chemical solvent still yields the highest quality from a flavor standpoint and is the most reasonable in cost.
Next, the water is separated from the beans and treated with a chemical solvent to remove the caffeine.
The hazardous chemical solvents covered by these EPA regulations are used in solvent cleaning and are known or suspected carcinogens.
Mazza Innovation will use the investment of $175,000 to develop a demonstration-scale processing system that uses pressurized water, rather than chemical solvents, to extract high-value natural products (phytochemicals) from fruits and vegetables for use in foods and pharmaceuticals.
IceSolv's unique process for the in-place cleaning of electrical motors and generators, switchgear, motor control centers and other electrical service applications uses dry ice pellets as its cleaning media instead of chemical solvents or abrasive materials.
Located on a 24-acre site at the southwestern tip of the island, the new terminal complex includes three modern, deep water piers, a fully automated oil-blending and packaging plant, a high-rise warehouse and over 90 tanks for fuels, lubricants, chemical solvents and liquefied petroleum gas.
This phenomenon may be due in part to farmers' chronic exposures to potentially harmful compounds such as pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, herbicides, and others), chemical solvents, engine exhausts, animal viruses, sunlight, and other substances common to agriculture.
The Day Products process is centered around a "hydrocyclone" that mixes the shredded bottles with water and rapidly spins them to separate the heavier HDPE basecup material and bottle-cap aluminum from the lighter PET, doing away with the need for chemical solvents used in many other bottle-recycling processes.
By the end of December 1992, General Dynamics will be the first company in the world to manufacture sophisticated military aircraft without the use of chemical solvents that destroy the ozone layer," said Stephen Andersen, director of technology transfer at the EPA's Global Change Division.
The Triple A continually inhibits the growth of germs on the surface and stands up to cleaning with harsh chemical solvents without degrading the anti-microbial protection and protects the device from damage.
With no use of chemical solvents in the extrusion process, it enables to maintain the functional and the nutritional value of pea.