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(physical chemistry)
The ability of a substance to form a solution with another substance.



the ability of one substance to combine with another and form a homogeneous, thermodynamically stable system of variable composition made up of two or more components. These systems are formed upon interaction of gases with liquids, liquids with liquids, and other similar combinations. The ratios of the components to one another may be either arbitrary or restricted within certain limits. In the latter case, the solubility is said to be limited.

The solubility of a substance under given conditions is determined from the substance’s concentration in a saturated solution. The solubility of various substances in a specific solvent depends on external conditions, mainly on the temperature and pressure. The effect of pressure on solubility is most pronounced with gases. A change in external conditions affects solubility in accordance with the principle of equilibrium shift (see LECHÂTELiER’S PRINCIPLE). Solubility charts of various substances have been compiled for the most important solvents. Such charts either express solubility as a function of external conditions or simply list the solubility under standard conditions.

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The research aims to establish a laboratory testing facility to evaluate the performances of chemical solvents to capture CO2.
The oil can be extracted using various methods, from simple mechanical crushing to the use of chemical solvents.
Centuries-old methods that included use of chemical solvents, even saliva, to clean damaged artwork don't work on charred or defaced paintings.
Mikuls believes that the increased risk could be caused by the preparation and processing of decaffeinated coffee, which has involved strong chemical solvents.
Saf-T-Curent gloves are durable 4 mil thick gloves designed for light use including handling UV inks, coatings and chemical solvents.
The colours are as vegetal both in their tone and arrangement and in their material, for we avoided the use of chemical solvents.
Half a century ago, the London if dry cleaning industry ganged up on a German immigrant operating a small cleaning service, threatening to sue him for his seemingly outrageous claim that dry cleaning with chemical solvents damaged clothing by removing its natural oils.
This process, known by the acronym SFE, provides a cost-effective way to help obtain information on trace levels of toxicants in foods without the use of chemical solvents.
This is followed by clear and rigorous exposition of sweetness processes such as Solid Bed Adsorption, Chemical Solvents, Physical Solvents, Distillation, and Gas Permeation.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Chemicals And Chemical Solvents For Department Of Chemistry, Sikkim University
The product line includes a condition-specific set of 12 formulas, which provide the benefits of supercritical extracts and whole herbs while using no chemical solvents.