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Chemistry Of Life picks up the story in Tbingen, Germany, where an unlikely experiment in 1869 provided the first clue.
The Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry were awarded Wednesday to six scientists in the United States and Europe for advances in manipulating atoms and in understanding the basic chemistry of life.
You can think of chlorinated biological compounds as aliens," said environmentalist Barry Commoner, "and like aliens from outer space, the reason they cause problems is that they're readily assimilated into the normal chemistry of life.
Lab 1: Using the Scientific Method in Everyday Life Lab 2: Observing Cells with Light Microscopy Lab 3: Observing Body Tissues Lab 4: The Chemistry of Life Lab 5: The Digestive System Lab 6: The Cardiovascular System Lab 7: The Respiratory System Lab 8: The Urinary System Lab 9: The Reproductive System Lab 10: The Nervous System Lab 11: The Special Senses Lab 12: The Skeletal System Lab 13: The Muscular System Lab 14: Human Genetics Lab 15: DNA Fingerprinting Lab 16: Cancer Lab 17: Microorganisms and the Human Body Lab 18: Evolution
As a result, scientists have always assumed that the really complicated chemistry of life must have originated in Earth's early oceans.
It is a wonder that the building blocks of life, and the chemistry of life, depend on the relatively fragile [C.

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