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For the avoidance of doubt, the Exchange confirms that the above sanction and direction apply only to Mr Chen and not to any other past or present members of the board of directors of the Company.
The statement also said, "Since Chen has no prior criminal record, admitted to the crime, and has suffered emotional problems, the court handed him a life sentence.
Teco, on Wednesday, issued a statement saying it had formally requested the Philippine government to reject the investment proposals of Chen, including one that would bring in P18.
Chen and his family a place to come and study and support his transition to the US when he first left China," John Beckman, spokesman for NYU said in a report to the (http://www.
There has been no news that the Communist Party leaders are willing to change and do the right thing," Chen said in the 10-minute clip.
We can see their retribution against my family since my escape has continued and been intensified," The telegraph quoted Chen as saying.
Earlier Saturday, Chen spoke to The Associated Press by phone from the airport, saying that he had left the hospital where he'd been staying and that he expected to leave late Saturday afternoon for Newark, outside New York City.
Chinese activist He Peirong, an academic named Guo Yushan and Chen's nephew Chen Kegui have vanished since news of Chen's breakout was reported.
Ex-president Chen Shui-bian's crimes are major," Chen Yun-nan, spokesman for the Supreme Court's special prosecutor's office, said.
Chen teaches tai chi, the soft-style martial art known for its slow, gentle movements, all over the world and has visited about 30 nations and 20 U.
Chen Su-su used to drag her out, to her own reluctant delight, to go ballroom dancing with the Lius.
Chen regularly covers traditional professional team sports, as well as NCAA games and NASCAR auto racing.