an urban-type settlement in Suvorov Raion, Tula Oblast, RSFSR. Cherepet’ is situated on the Cherepet’ River, a tributary of the Oka. It has a railroad station on the Tula-Kozel’sk line. The settlement has enterprises of the railroad industry.

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The chondrichthyan teeth and scales were found from the drill cores in the Lower Devonian, Emsian Vitebsk Regional Stage; the Middle Devonian, Eifelian Gorodok and Kostyukovichi regional stages and the Givetian Polotsk Regional Stage; the Upper Devonian, Famennian Kuzmichi, Drozdy, Petrikov, Starobin and Borovoe regional stages; the Lower Carboniferous, Lower Tournaisian Malevka, Upa and Cherepet regional stages (see Table 1).
Sample 2b, depth 207 m, Turov-106 core, Malevka Regional Stage; sample 8, depth 166 m, Berzhetsy-475 core, Upa Regional Stage; sample 13d, depth 278-282 m, 331 core, Upa Regional Stage; sample 2, depth 225-227 m, 331 core, Cherepet Regional Stage, Lower Tournaisian, Lower Carboniferous.