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(Sanskrit, from kshatra, “dominion,” “rule”), one of the four main varnas, or social estates of ancient India.

The Kshatriya varna originated among Aryan tribes in the pre-Indian period as a result of the separation of military and government functions from productive labor when the primitive society was in the stage of decay. In the ancient Indian states, the Kshatriyas, who constituted the military and tribal aristocracy, assumed the ruling political and economic position; they were the rulers of states, officials, landowners, and professional soldiers. By the middle of the first millennium A.D. membership in the Kshatriya varna had ceased to determine the composition of the ruling class. In the Middle Ages it existed only as a traditional idea; for example, members of the military feudal Rajput caste, who had no hereditary link with the ancient varna, were called Kshatriyas.


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Scholars such as Keshabman Sakya (2007) believe that the anti-king contention was mainly between the two high Hindu castes, the 'Bahuns' and 'Chetris' and now the Bahuns are enjoying the victory after the defeat of the Chetri king.
Padaprakshyalana, sheep-sacrifice, Vighnaharana, Panchagavyasadhana, Tripuja, Sodhanyasa, Jnakhadgasadhana, arghapatrasadhana, shivahastapuja, shivashaktibhramana, kalasarchana, thandilamarcana and chetri avahana.
Raghunath, Dharamvir Singh, Tushar Khandker and Bharat Chetri for the Arjuna Award, while boxers Shiva Thapa and Manoj Kumar have also been nominated.
I am good friends with the India team captain Sunil Chetri and this match will be a unique experience for players from both countries as we will be playing in one team against the team comprising UN ambassadors for sport," Seddiqi told Gulf News.
Kohima, Sept 17 ( ANI ): Dance and music are an integral part of life in the northeast, and the success of Jitumoni Kalita and Om Chetri at various national level dance competitions, has inspired many children to take up dancing as a career.
In exchange, Magars in particular 'could until the eighteenth century be promoted to Chetri status'.
After checking the transaction reports, it was revealed that the cheques were in the favour of Varsha Mehra, Neelam, Mohd Faiyaj Khan and Ganga Chetri," he added.
They want to emulate Baichung Bhutia and Sunil Chetri and play for India.
This treaty will bring development in the hills," GJM spokesman and legislator Harka Bhadur Chetri said.
We have realised that," GJM central committee member and a lawmaker from Kalimpong, Harka Bahadur Chetri, said.
Though Baichung Bhutia and Sunil Chetri are common names, but many like Renu bala Chanu, Somdev Debburman, Sandhya Rani too have made the country proud with their success.
Skipper Baichung Bhutia and star striker Sunil Chetri are also among the players who joined the squad in New Delhi on Sunday before making the trip to Dubai.