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(hē`bər), in the Bible.

1 Eponym of the Hebrews. It also appears as Eber.

2 Kenite, husband of Jael.


4 Benjamites.

5 Gadite.

6 Judahite.

7 Asherite.

8 Eber, priest.

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Chevers complained "I, for one, am extremely uncomfortable going into the store.
Chevers is president of Northeast Leadership Enterprise.
Chevers, a 33-year veteran of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has joined the company as a CPU Technology Fellow.
Drawing on his extensive background in the space industry, Chevers will specialize in applying the company's virtual prototyping technology to the design and development of aerospace avionics systems.
Chevers, a member of the Crystal Coast Clown Alley (clowns belong to alleys, not clubs) has been a clown for two years and a cosmetology instructor for 27 years.
Deana Steed teaches cosmetology alongside Chevers daily, and she said Chevers' reaction to clowning was what enticed her most.
Andrea, instead of relying on a simplistic "Christian" versus "Muslim" scenario, or its opposite--an equally simplistic "all are multicultural and hybrid" argument--shows how Maltese indigenes were differently occluded and represented in English writings spanning more than a century; particularly fascinating is her account of two Quaker women, Katherine Evans and Sarah Chevers, whose "silencing" of the Maltese is further muted by their male editors.
The fascinating third chapter considers the perceptual ramifications of religious missions by Quakers Mary Fisher (in 1657, resulting in her speaking directly to Ottoman Sultan Mehmed IV), Katherine Evans and Sarah Chevers (both imprisoned in Malta from 1659-62 for their religious and political convictions).
Chevers said victims of this abuse come from all different situations and many find it very difficult to escape the abusive setting.
Actually, he is a good friend of Margo Chevers, coordinator for the task force, and agreed to tackle the dance competition because he feels strongly about the fight to curb domestic abuse and domestic violence, since it hits close to home.
CAPTAIN Henry Chevers MacLean, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, who was killed in France, was the son of Henry MacLean, formerly of Newton-by-Chester, and grandson of the late Joseph Brooks.