Shickshock Mountains

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Shickshock Mountains,

range of the Appalachian system, E Que., Canada, a continuation of the Notre Dame Mts., extending c.100 mi (160 km) east-west near the north coast of the Gaspé Peninsula. Tabletop Mt., or Mt. Jacques Cartier (4,160 ft/1,268 m), is the highest point in SE Canada.
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Farther east, the white-capped Cap-Chat and Chic-Choc Mountains dominate a suede blue sky over Trans-Quebec Route 5, a 2,000-mile snowmobile route that crosses the province.
native who teaches at-risk high-schoolers in New York, Tom has climbed and skied off-piste in China, Pakistan, Canada's British Colombia, Chile, Argentina, the Chic-Choc mountains of Quebec and the American Rockies, just to name a few of the locales on his resume.