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Both ranchers and indios de paz banded together to protect themselves during Chichimec raids.
This phrase was used to describe an Afro-Mexican cowboy living near the Chichimec frontier in 1581.
A kind of hierarchy of civilizations--outlined most famously by Jesuit Jose de Acosta--developed in which it was assumed that urban, imperial, stable societies like the Mexica were more capable of understanding Catholicism than the "barbaric" groups like the Chichimec.
SEVEN CAVES OF CREATION Around 1,000 years ago in central Mexico, the Chichimec people founded a town known as Acatzingo Viejo.
Otomi style songs were not in Nahuatl but in the Chichimec language.
Tezcatlipoca was closely associated with Mixcoatl, the old Chichimec deity of the hunt, and later with Huitzilopochtli, patron of the Aztec warrior orders.
Furst (1972) and others have suggested that the ancestors of the modern Huichol migrated as nomadic Chichimec hunters into the Sierra Madre Occidentales from a northern homeland, perhaps even the American Southwest.
Shamanic journeys into the otherworld of the Archaic Chichimec, Latin American Antiquity.
Originally, Hungry Coyote's metropolis of Texcoco, which means "Place of Rest," had been founded by a wandering Chichimec people who called themselves the Alcolhuans and were hunters and nomads from the desert, formerly living in caves and wearing animal skins.
One branch of the Toltecs' own ancestors had also been Chichimec nomads, immigrating from the north a century earlier into the area where Teotihuacan's great civilization had once flourished.
The Chichimec tradition, for example, gave rise to a whole host of major texts of the utmost interest: these define the conjoint territories of the Chichimecatlalli, in the Basin, Tlaxcala, the Cholula Plain, the Coixtlahuaca Valley (on the uppermost Papaloapan drainage) and the Atlan--Tuxpan area in Veracruz, and they cover a span of as many as eight centuries.
Again, putting such categorical weight on the Mexica or Aztec, who were null as a political force before 1428 at the earliest, deprives us of a proper perspective on the post-Classic in the central highlands, in particular detriment of their multitudinous and highly articulate Chichimec predecessors.